Welcome to the Business Network Aachen

The Business Network Aachen is the competence pool with solution-oriented services for international acting entrepreneurs and interested executives, associations, industry-related organizations, universities and public institutions in the region of Aachen.

  • Establish personal contacts to public institutions and companies in the region!
  • Join into successful domestic and international business cooperations!
  • Be a part of international delegation trips and enter into new projects!
  • Benefit from the experience of international acting entrepreneurs! 
  • Possibly get in touch with your next employer!

  Together with the founding members, we provide a solid and dynamic basis for the cammon and successful future in the region

Region with substance
We reflect the economic substance and the enormous international potential of the region of Aachen and provide positive case studies.

Program with Quality
We offer an attractive and versatile program that is clearly focused on the core areas of expertise, international sales and synergies. The quality of the program emerges from the factors knowledge, actuality, practical usage and accurate speakers.

Membership with sustainability
The membership is attractive and valuable for experienced decision-makers from business, politics and administration as well as “newcomers”.

Members with diversity and excellence
All relevant enterprises and institutions in the region of Aachen should be represented in the Business Network Aachen by individual or corporate membership. We ensure that local and international members come together and actively participate from the network life. An economic circle arranges therefore special offers and possibilities of engagement.

Practicality with vision
Whether on-site events, best-practice lectures or public relations: The practical orientation of all network activities is our special asset.

Added value through knowledge
We create added value for the members in form of knowledge and contacts.

Gruppenbild Delegationsreise Südkorea 2017

Kurzbericht Delegationsreise Südkorea 2017

In der Zeit vom 04. bis 09. September 2017 besuchte eine Aachener Delegation bestehend aus Vertretern der Politik, der RWTH Aachen sowie Unternehmen die Städte Seoul ,Ansan und Songdo in Südkorea. Organisiert wurde die Reise vom Business Network Aachen e.V. (BNA), welches seine Hauptaufgabe u.a. in der Knüpfung internationaler, wirtschaftlicher Kontakte für die Aachener Region sieht und unterstützt.
Ein Highlight der Reise war der Empfang des deutschen Botschafters Herrn Stephan Auer in seiner Residenz in Seoul.